I sent an email a couple of days ago regarding Avenues to Wealth. I hope you read it and I also hope you have taken action. Please let me know if you have.

Procrastination is the thief of time, and there are many great tomorrows that have been altered by not taking action today! Are there some things that are still unclear to you? Why not email or call to ask me?

I have a few more thoughts to shed further light on what exactly Avenues to Wealth is all about.

Of late, people ask me what Avenues to Wealth is and sometimes I am stumped on where and how to begin.

Avenues to Wealth is like the proverbial elephant that four blind men touched. One touched the tail and said an elephant is like a long rope. Another touched the trunk and said it is like a big hose. Yet another touched the tusk and said it is like a sharp, curvy cone. The fourth touched the body and said it is like a rough leather wall.

The truth is, they are all correct but not absolutely right. An elephant is all of those things and more depending on where you touch it. That is the same challenge I find in describing Avenues to Wealth in just a few words.

Avenues to Wealth is a society, business forum, network and club that offers you multiple avenues to wealth.

Inner wealth. . .
The Company is built on a philosophy that allows you to have a positive mental attitude, develop yourself and win the love and respect of others by helping in their success and development. You gain a sense of peace and balance that is seldom offered in any other career engagement. You are encouraged to have your personal goals and work toward them.

Knowledge wealth. . .
The Company offers a myriad of books and regularly updated educational tools on success, investments and personal development written by great minds of the international leadership of the Company. You are driven to learn as much as possible. It is a company and business opportunity that if you allow it to influence you, it can make you wealthy with knowledge.

Economic wealth. . .
The Company gives you an opportunity to make money by offering your own company, products, services or ideas for sale, or by referring friends to either the businesses of others or to the Avenues to Wealth business. You have access to buy cheaper products and services. You have access to advertise your own business at no cost and you can refer others to the A2W brand and earn referral income.

Family and social wealth. . .
The Company is built on a network of relationships. You enjoy time freedom to spend more time with your family and friends and to enjoy a deep connection with others in your personal community. The business is built in such a way that you engage with others and thereby improve your social skills and enjoy the benefit of healthy relationships.

Physical wealth. . .
The Company has a variety of health care opportunities, locally and internationally, that allow you to access the best health care for very reasonable prices. These services range from a discounted health management organization locally to the best hospitals in Asia.

Adventure wealth. . .
The Company offers the chance to meet new people and to travel to new places. This is offered in various ways, ranging from the complimentary vacation offers that provide accommodations and tours at no cost, to short stay offers that are heavily discounted, to free leadership events that are all expenses paid. The Company offers you the mystery of discovering new places, cultures and people.

Impact wealth. . .
Many people crave to live for something more than themselves. They want to hear a thank you. They want to live a great life that touches and affects others. This is the central heartbeat of our business. It is a business school for people who like to help people.

The way it works is simple. You pay $330 to obtain the Company’s product, a Privilege Pack. The Company gives you a password, which gives you access to your unique website. From there you can simply enjoy all the benefits and privileges. If you are interested in economic wealth, you can share your link with others.

One of my mentors in this business says that what got him really interested was discovering someone his age who had gotten involved in a similar business enjoying all the elements of wealth and earning $10m per year after working the business for ten years. He then traveled over 14 hours and spent over $7,000 to meet with him, and decided to be more active and serious with Avenues to Wealth.

You can go to my link, click the Start Now button and then the Purchase Privilege Pack button where you will register your details.


When you are done, give me a call and let me show you how to pay and how to enjoy your new Privilege Pack.

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